All American garden clubs trace their beginnings to the Ladies' Garden Club. Even as those 12 ladies could not have foreseen the great expansion of their vision, neither can we foresee the magnitude and rippling effects of our efforts for "Beautification, Conservation, Education" that will spread from the love, dedication and generosity of all members now and in the future.

Ann Steadman Hajduk, President
Ladies' Garden Club, 2013-2014
Athens, Georgia USA



The Ladies' Garden Club, the first in America, was established in 1891. Twelve friends who often informally exchanged plants and cuttings gathered in the home of Mrs. E. K. Lumpkin at 937 Prince Avenue, in Athens, Georgia, to set up a formal organization. From the beginning, the Ladies' Garden Club was open to "every lady who might be interested in growing anything, from a cabbage to a chrysanthemum."

The Ladies' Garden Club:

Promotes the love of gardening among amateurs;

Provides members and the public with correct gardening procedures and conservation of plants, trees, birds and other wildlife;

Facilitates and encourages civic planting and the beautification of public grounds;

Recognizes civic achievement in conservation and horticulture; and

Perpetuates the memory of the founders of the Ladies' Garden Club.

The Ladies' Garden Club's symbols are:

The Iris flower, the color blue, and the bluebird.

The Ladies' Garden Club holds memberships in the following organizations:

  • National Garden Club
  • Deep South Region
  • The Garden Club of Georgia
  • Azalea District
  • The Garden Club Council of Athens

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